Faima personal medical assistant

  • Artificial Intelligence which diagnoses diseases and gives primary recommendations for their treatment.
  • Data collected from more than 40 000 000 patients case histories
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Coverage one coverage of medical service
anywhere in the world

  • We develope common standard for all health facilities of the world where all data and results obtained during treatment of patients will be recorded.

  • These data will be processed by Artificial Intelligence and it will be possible to apply to any institution in the world to get help from specialists.

  • The computing powers of Artificial Intelligence will be in a decentralized distribution system and miners will be able to switch their farms from extracting crypto-currency to processing large data, and thereby bring an even greater contribution to the development of society.

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Opportunities comfortable usage
at all levels of exploitation

Computer software for medical stuff which can provide high-quality diagnosing and treatment.

Mobile software
tips for healthy diet
and taking medications.

Special equipment for deep analisys of patients health
which works on AI.


July 1 2018 Pre-ICO
September 1 2018 - October 1 2018 ICO, tokens emmision
January 1 2019 Developing AI for general access
January-February 2019Starting training AI on other nosologies
April 2019Announce of mobile
and desktop applications
May 2019Launch on users' devices

Team and adviserstrusted specialists
of our team

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pre sale is open now

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Buy Meds We accept BTC, ETH, LTC etc.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

line What is FAIMA?

FAIMA (Friendly Artificial Intelligence Medical Assistance) is a company which develops applications for mobile devices and PCs. The application will diagnose diseases, identify their possible causes and provide primary recommendations for patient treatment and disease prevention. Our goal is to make medicine more accessible to everyone, witch can be achieved by automating and simplifying the process of diagnosing diseases, as well as improving the quality and speed of medical care. All this is possible with the creation and training of artificial intelligence (AI). FAIMA is a multilanguage app that is why the communication with AI will be accessible for everyone. By using of blockchain technology it will be possible to pay for services and for training artificial neural network.

line What tokens MEDS are needed for?

You can get token MEDS for training artificial intellegence and you also needed to pay consalting.

line Which cryptocurrency exchanges will be choosen?

We are going to complete an agreenment. However we'd like to remind you that our token is an utility-token which meens that any exchange can place it without our conformation.

line When will the token start trading on crypto exchanges?

This should happen one to two months after the end of the token sale.

line What are the conditions for the tokensale?

The tokensale starts on July 1, 2018, and ends on September 1, 2018 (or sooner, if the token issue cap is reached). There are bonuses for purchasing tokens depends on time and amount. To buy tokens, you will be asked to sign up at our website.

line Which payment methods are accepted?

You can pay in tokens supported by coinpayments.net. Also you can use wire transfer.

line Are MEDS tokens ERC-20 compatible?

Yes, MEDS tokens are based on the Etherium platform and are ERC20-compliant.

line Where and how can I keep my tokens?

You can keep MEDS tokens in any wallet that supports ERC20 tokens.

line How many tokens will be available during the token sale and how many will be created in general?

The number of sold tokens cap at 700.000.000. Number of issued tokens cap at

line If the hardcap is not reached during the token sale, will the remaining tokens be destroyed?

No, the remaining tokens will be frozen for one year.

line Do you have a bounty program? Where can I find the bounty program details?

Yes, we do have a bounty program. More information about the program will be TBU.

line When does the ICO start?

July 1, 2018.

line What is FAIMA’s tokensale hard cap?

Hardcap is 36 600 000$.

line In which countries can I use MEDS?

You can use FAIMA all over the world.

line Is there a lock up period for the team and reserved fund tokens?

Yes, the lockup period is 12 months for team tokens and 6 months for reserved fund tokens.

line How can I make sure that tokens will be given to me?

Token sale will be provided by the Ethereum-based smart-contract.

line What is the start price of the token?

$0.14 on pre-ICO, $0.4 on ICO, $1 after running the users app.

line Is there a minimum amount of tokens I can buy?

as many tokens as you want

Annualy 10% of company's
profit will go to charity

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